Day 3: Hoog Soeren

On the third walking day, the great rest is on the Bosweide van Berg en Bos. The 12 km takes place entirely within the area of ​​the Orderbos and Berg en Bos, the 20 km continues in Hoog Soeren. The 30 and 40 km later pass through Hoog Soeren. The 30 and 40 km first go along the Asselse Heide and through the area with forest and heath of Staatsbosbeheer. Hoog Buurlo (sheepfold) and Radio Kootwijk (former broadcasting building) are further along the 40 km route. The way back goes for 30 and 40 km via Assel and over the Asselse Heide. For this day, as for the other hiking days, you penetrate deep into nature reserves, with the chance that a deer, red deer, wild boar or a reptile will cross your path. Enjoy some nice views on the route today as well.