Day 2: Het Loo

The second walking day has the great rest at the Bosloo parking lot of the Paleispark. The route to and from the Paleispark leads through the beautiful Stadspark Berg en Bos and the greenest district of Apeldoorn. The 20, 30 and 40 km continue through the Palace Park of Kroondomein Het Loo. This year, for example, there will be a walk along the beautiful avenue with a view of the rear of the Palace. The 20 km remains in the Palace Park. The 30 and 40 km walks through the scenic area of ​​Wiesel and continues to Vaassen. In Vaassen, walkers on the 30 and 40 km can rest in the clubhouse of the vv VIOS. The 40 km continues to the village of Niersen. Their route goes through the beautiful forest area of ​​Kroondomein Het Loo. All two distances return to the Palace Park. The way back goes through the neighborhood and Stadspark Berg en Bos.