Allowing hikers to enjoy the best that the Veluwe has to offer for four days. That is the aim of the International Four Days Marches Apeldoorn Foundation. Since 1954, the Apeldoornse Vierdaagse, always starting on the second Tuesday of July, has been a household name among walkers in the Netherlands. The forest, the heath and especially the non-mass nature of the event are the reasons for the participants to come to Apeldoorn. And of course the good organization. It is not for nothing that a large majority of the participants in a survey rated the Apeldoorn Four Days Marches with a score of 8 or higher. Over the years, tens of thousands of walkers have experienced a lot of walking pleasure in Apeldoorn and the surrounding area, making this event an important basis for walking in the Netherlands.

Will you be our new volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers for the Cantharel International 4 Days Apeldoorn.

The four-day course always starts on the second Tuesday in July and lasts until Friday. The starting times are every walking day from 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM, depending on the distance. Start from Sports Complex v.v. Victoria Boys, Berghuizerweg 153, 7312 SN Apeldoorn. On the Sunday and Monday prior to the four-day event, the grounds will be decorated and the tents will be set up on the grounds. Extra people are needed for this construction. On the walking days, Tuesday to Friday, we need a lot of manpower for all kinds of different activities. There are additional activities to be performed on site every day. After the walking event, extra people are needed on Friday and Saturday to clear everything away and put it away.

What do we ask:

  • A positive, cooperative attitude and the ability to work together during your deployment.
  • You don’t have to be available every day. A single or several days is also possible, morning or afternoon.
  • Be prepared to get up early.

We are looking for volunteers for the following activities:

  • Administrative staff for the internal service. Dealing with walkers, some language skills and computer experience.
  • Construction and dismantling of volunteers before, during and after the four-day event. Handy people who like to roll up their sleeves.
  • Parkour risers, volunteers who help plot routes with GPS equipment. On a MTB through the woods to hang and collect arrows etc.
  • Inspectors on the various courses. Control of walkers on the distances to be walked.
  • People for the medical service. While walking, pay attention to the runners.
  • Voluntary events traffic controllers (vev) at parking and crossings. Be in possession of an appointment as a vev-er or be prepared to follow e-learning via the SVNL.

What do we offer?

  • A collegial, enthusiastic group of volunteers.
  • Varying times of deployment per day.
  • Food and drinks are provided for the office and grounds.
  • The field service must take care of this itself. A fee is given for this. Depending on the time of deployment.
  • If you come from one of the surrounding villages, a generous mileage allowance is possible.
  • Employees evening prior to the Four Days Marches at Hotel Apeldoorn – De Cantharel.
  • At the end of the four-day event, when you hand in your belongings, a present and thank you for your efforts.
  • In the autumn a ‘thank you evening’ at Hotel Apeldoorn – De Cantharel, socializing with a snack and a drink.

Would you like to help us as a volunteer? Or do you have questions? Please contact us at secretariaat@4daagseapeldoorn.nl or call 06 5700 2085.